November 15th, 2011

Buckeyes: A New Tradition [CLUB: Baked]

It wasn’t until I met Josh that I had even heard of Buckeyes. I think the idea that us people on the coasts have never heard of these is true! Now that we are in Michigan I hear a lot about Buckeyes – not always in good ways, although I do like the MSU Dairy Store’s Buckeye Blitz ice cream – that is good! Now that I have my own ice cream maker I might need to try my hand at that one. Anyway, Since part of Josh’s family is from Ohio and some still live in the Ohio/Pennsylvania area these little tasty treats get made pretty regularly around the holidays. So, when we asked Josh’s grandmother to gather up some recipes and make us a family cookbook when we got married one of the recipes was his Aunt Amy’s Buckeye recipe – man, oh man – those Buckeyes are SO GOOD! The recipe makes a ton of them – 200 (or 100 in my case because I make them huge). So, when I saw that the CLUB: Baked second Nov pic hosted by none other than Karen the organizer of Club Baked (Check out her post on Karen’s Cookies, Cakes, and More) was Buckeyes, I was both intrigued and worried – I mean, I love the other recipe. I was worried I wouldn’t like this one as much. I must say though, now that I have made both that they are both good, definitely different, but both of them are good. Aunt Amy’s are sweeter than the Baked ones, which I guess makes sense since this was supposed to be a less sweet version that the ones his mom made. Anyway, even though I am in the furies of dissertation writing (I am sending it out to my committee this week!) I had to take the time to post about these. I actually made them a few weeks ago. I decided to freeze them and I am going to bring them to my parents for Thanksgiving.

Okay, so here’s one big difference right here. In this recipe there are graham crackers… definitely makes the texture a little different than the other recipe. Also, there is cream cheese in these ones. Amy’s just have the peanut butter, margarine and sugar, and of course the chocolate.

Yummy! Look at that. Oh yeah, I did end up getting a new Kitchen Aid mixer. So, now I have two. I couldn’t resist the price on this back in October at Sam’s Club and I love the red!

Here they are ready to go. I used a little ice cream scoop to get them to be pretty uniform in size. I still had to roll each one of them after they were all scooped. These were not that easy for me to dip. I used a few different skewers and the peanut butter ball kept sliding off and right into the chocolate. :-( This did not make Lorraine a happy camper! I have this same problem when trying to make cake pops! I am not sure what my problem is! Eventually, I was able to get most of them dipped into the chocolate. Josh and I had a few and then plopped the rest in the freezer.

Okay, now that my mouth is watering… back to the dissertation writing!

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11 Responses to “Buckeyes: A New Tradition [CLUB: Baked]”

  1. Does freezing them affect the taste in anyway? I would have never thought of that.

    Your photo looks great! I love the red Kitchenaid mixer… i have a plain ole white one.

    Thanks for making these with me this week.

  2. Karen, I am not sure if freezing with affect the taste of these. I did it with the other recipe and it was fine, so I figured I would try it with these…. we’ll see how it goes! Great pic for this month!

  3. These look great.I had tried the toothpick/skewer thing the first time I made them with the same result. Fun to hear about the family recipe.

  4. Thanks Crystal! I thought about using a fork like you did because I did that before, but I figured I might try it with the skewer – not much success! Oh well – next time I will use a fork.

  5. These look beautiful! I thought the graham crackers were an interesting addition also. But, I liked them, and my husband liked them better than the recipe I have made all my life, so the graham crackers are a keeper! I would love to know they can be frozen. Please post about it!! Great pictures!

  6. Great to know about the freezing option! I did 1/2 the recipe, and still had more than I knew what to do with.

  7. What a great idea to freeze these!!! I cheated and dipped mine completely.

  8. Love your new shiny toy! The red is so pretty. Nice job on your buckeyes. Dipping in chocolate is always a challenge. I also use the fork method. It’s not perfect, but it works. Glad to hear these didn’t dissapoint compared to your family recipe.

  9. I chilled my in the refrigerator. I think it helped with the dipping. I love your photos!

  10. These look great, sorry that I missed making them with the group! Have never made buckeyes but know they are delicious :)

    MSU vs Iowa game is on in the other room, go Sparty!

  11. Andrea – Just getting back into baking and blogging and I saw your comment. Thanks! I was probably watching the same game! Go green!

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