January 20th, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes – MSU Style

Now these cupcakes were fun to make (not quick, but fun!) I have been wanting to make some Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (CCCD) cupcakes for a while, but just haven’t had the occasion…. so when I found out we were having a Math Ed Social for some recruits visiting the campus I figured this was the perfect opportunity! It took me a while to figure out how I was going to MSU-ify these CCCD cupcakes. I originally thought I would try to make some Spartan “S” cookies, but that didn’t  work out. I bought this mold, but it was a disaster – the dough just stuck in the mold even though I greased it… oh well… Maybe I’ll have better luck next time with cake batter. I also just found a smaller one that would have worked better to make cupcake toppers anyway…. So, I ended up deciding to decorate some mini-chocolate chip cookies with green and white royal icing and cut out some fondant letters for the MSU with my alphabet cutters. I did that the night before. The green ones came out a little better than the white – I think I was getting tired.


The day before I also prepared my cookie dough. A while ago I found a few recipes for these cupcakes and I ended up using this one from  kevinandamanda.com. The recipe required the cookie dough to be frozen overnight. So, on Sunday I prepared the cookie dough….. Now, this recipe was supposed to make 24 cupcakes…. I did a double batch, but I had a TON of cookie dough. I decided to make them into tubes since the recipe said that might work better to get the dough throughout the whole cupcake.


Yum! How good does that look? You can eat it just like this – the recipe uses milk instead of eggs so it doesn’t need to be cooked. The next morning I took these out of the freezer to place in my cupcakes. I got my cupcake liners ready – green and white of  course – to start making these cupcakes!


I made the batter in my trusty Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and then filled each of the cupcake tins 2/3 full. I didn’t want to do a double batch in the mixer so I thought I would do two separate batches. In the end I ended up having more batter than I thought so I ended up making 36 cupcakes with one batch.


Here is the neat part! You just push one of the frozen tubes of dough right down into the center of the batter. After talking with Josh and looking at the first batch that came out of the oven, we decided that the dough was huge and that maybe I should cut each tube in half. So for the second set of 12 I did that.


So, here is the before……


and here is the after…..


The cupcake batter was supposed to come up over the dough like this, but that didn’t happen. I guess I didn’t follow the recipe exactly – using a little less batter and a little less dough… Maybe that is why, but it seemed to me that more dough would have spilled over the edges like some of these did…. I figured it didn’t matter too much since I was going to put some icing on top anyway. I had to cut one open and see what it looked like. Pretty good – cookie dough from the top to the bottom.


I usually go with my standard cream cheese icing, but this recipe had a Cough Dough Buttercream Icing…. so, I decided to tint half the icing green. It had some light brown sugar in it so it had that grainy cookie texture that really did the trick. I added my MSU cookies (just a few for this picture because I had to wait to put them on at the party so I could put the top on my cupcake carrier without squishing them. They looked so cute!


And one last picture for a friend of mine who couldn’t make it. I used my new Martha Stewart cupcake boxes from my uncles to package up 4 for her and her family.


I brought these to the Math Ed Social and they were a hit. Although, those that had the Maple cupcakes (which I still have to post about) still think the maple was the best though. Hopefully the recruits found these scrumptious enough to want to come to MSU – well, I guess there is a lot more important and good things about MSU to help them make that decision, but good cupcakes can’t hurt! :-)

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2 Responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes – MSU Style”

  1. Darn! I am bummed I missed experiencing these in person! They look delicious!!!

  2. Thanks Shannon! It was a good time. I’m sure you were exhausted though after the retreat. I may attempt peppermint hot chocolate cupcakes this weekend… we’ll see..

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