July 19th, 2011

Farm Stand Doughtnuts! [Club: BAKED]

FarmStandDougnuts (1 of 1).jpg

Merhaba, or hello from Turkey! When I saw that the second Club: BAKED selection was doughnuts I was so excited! Thanks to Gloria from The Ginger Snap Girl for choosing this for our second recipe!  This probably isn’t something I would have just thought to try on my own. I am now totally in love with making my own doughnuts. I thought it would be really complicated, but it was as easy as pie (or should I say doughnuts)! I was mostFarmStandDougnuts (2 of 9).jpg nervous about frying the doughnuts since I’ve never fried before, but it really was a cinch. I knew I had to make these early and so I made them on a day when we were planning to go to the Drive-in Movie Theater. What a great treat to bring – homemade doughnuts!  It all began with mixing all the dry ingredients and then adding the liquid ingredients in a little well in the center of the dry ingredients to create the dough. After quite a bit of folding I ended up with a ball of dough.  I rolled this out (maybe a little too thin as you will see later) and then used my cookie cutters to cut out the doughnuts (using a large  3 1/4 in. cutter for the outer part and a smaller 1 1/2 in. cutter to cut out the middle). Here is one tray of them all cut out and ready to go in the fridge for a while. I liked that all of the dough

FarmStandDougnuts (4 of 9).jpgwas used since you could use the cut out centers to make doughnut holes. At this point I started to heat the oil. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, although it did take a lot of oil! I bought a new thermometer just for this because I wanted to make sure I had the temperature right and I wasn’t sure that the one I had was working. While the oil was heating I made the toppings. I made two of the toppings because I really wanted both the chocolate and the cinnamon sugar. Now it was time for frying! I just plopped them into the oil.

FarmStandDougnuts (5 of 9).jpg

FarmStandDougnuts (6 of 9).jpgI was able to fit about three doughnuts at a time in my pan. As you can see in this second shot to the right they got pretty brown. I was worried they were going to be burnt. I followed the directions and fried them for 2-3 minutes on the first side and  probably shouldn’t have done them that long. I think they browned up faster because they were probably skinnier than 1/2 in… You think for a math person I would get my  measurements  right!  :-)  Anyway, even though they browned up pretty fast they didn’t burn and they all tasted fine. In the next few batches I fried them for a little less. Once they were done frying I dipped them in the chocolate and cinnamon sugar. I garnished a few of the chocolate ones with sprinkles and they were ready to eat.  We each ate one and then packaged up theFarmStandDougnuts (8 of 9).jpg

rest. Take that Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme – there is a new dougnut shop in town! We brought these with us to the movie and were able to enjoy fresh homemade doughnuts from our car while we watched X-Men: First Class. We waited until the movie started and so I didn’t get a picture of us eating the doughnuts, but here is me in the car before the movie started. We watched a good movie and had some good eats! To all my Club: BAKED friends – I’ll be sure to check out your doughnuts when I return!FarmStandDougnuts (9 of 9).jpg

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One Response to “Farm Stand Doughtnuts! [Club: BAKED]”

  1. How fun to take your donuts to the drive in! Donuts aren’t just for breakfast! I had some issues with the thickness of my donuts and overbrowning as well. This recipe definitely took a couple of tries to get it right for me. I am hoping the third time is a charm!

    Your donuts look great! Thanks for baking along.

    Hope you are having a great time in Turkey!!

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