May 28th, 2012

MSU Graduation Cupcakes: A Retrospective

Warning… this post might be a little long. Don’t worry! I won’t be offended if you just look at the pretty pictures :-) I almost didn’t post these, mostly because I didn’t actually take any photos of these… I guess that is because I have posted them a few times already. These are yet another variation on the ones I made a few years ago and have continued to make for my graduate and undergraduate friends and colleagues at MSU. Anyway, then I started thinking about how these might be my last batch of MSU graduation cupcakes since we are leaving this summer. So, I thought it might be nice to do a little reminiscing. The cupcakes above I made for my TE 408 class this year. Thanks to Emily for sharing the photo she took of them. I think she took this with Instagram. I haven’t gotten into that much, but I love how you can create such cool pictures with it. My students graduated this semester and most of them are going to be doing their intern teaching (student teaching) next year. I am so excited for them! They are going to be such great teachers. Here we all are on the last day of class (minus one student who was honored at graduation and so had to go to practice) when we ate that cupcakes above.

It was a nice day out, but boy was it windy. You can see this in our picture. Thanks to Kelly for sending me the picture and to the student who took it for us. Right after we took this, I was honored with some gifts from my students. How nice… I am totally going to have these in my office at UNL. Look at the beautiful  mathematical  inscriptions on those pots. Awesome!

TE408_Gifts201228-May-2012 20:50, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D80, 6.3, 50.0mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 200
TE408_Gifts2012-228-May-2012 20:51, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D80, 5.0, 50.0mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 200
TE408_Gifts2012-428-May-2012 20:54, NIKON CORPORATION NIKON D80, 5.0, 50.0mm, 0.02 sec, ISO 200

And each of the letters of MATH are individual plates that can be hung. On the other side my students left little messages. How cute!

And if you aren’t sick enough already, here are some of my students and the other section together before we left for the Math Midway in Dayton, OH. It is part of the travelling exhibit for the Museum of Math that is located in NYC. We had such a great time! Such a good-looking group of future math teachers – I just had to post this!

23-May-2012 22:05

Posting these graduation cupcakes makes me think back to not only the other posts I did with MSU Graduation cupcakes (here or here), such as these ones that I did for graduate students, some I did for my undergraduates two years back (although I can’t find a picture of those), these chocolate chip cookie dough-themed MSU-themed cupcakes (here) that I did for one our recruitment weekends

but also to one of the very first cupcakes I made that started this whole obsession and this blog soon thereafter. It was these Iterated Cupcakes that I made for my advisor and the PI of the research project I worked on my entire time at MSU. The project is focused on analyzing spatial measurement content in curriculum materials and so what better way to celebrate his birthday, but with a ruler-adorned cupcake. It was also one of my very first experiences with fondant.

I am excited to be moving on to the University of Nebraska to start my career as an assistant professor, but it will be hard to leave MSU. I have had a very good 5 years here. So, rather than say goodbye, as my grandmother would always say, I shall just say Until we meet again

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