July 1st, 2011

NY-Style Crumb Cake [Club:BAKED]

I must admit that I made this NY-Style Crumb Cake a few weeks ago…. I just haven’t had any time lately to bake. We are leaving for Turkey next week and I still have a ton to do, but it was time to get this posted, so here it is! This is my first Club: BAKED post. Not sure if you read my post about joining Club: BAKED, but here it is. Karen from Karen’s Cookies, Cakes, & More who started the group choose NY-Style Crumb Cake for our first recipe. You can see her post here – I loved her idea of making these into jumbo cupcakes!  As a native New Yorker myself it was perfect! Not sure what the Baked Explorations authors would think about this comment I am about to make, but I will makeNYCrumbCake (11 of 11).jpg

it anyway… it made me think about the Entenmann’s NY Style Crumb Cake. We used to eat that all the time. I made this the day before Josh had a meeting at school and so he was able to bring this with him. That was nice because it was too much for us to eat! Now this is not called a crumb cake for nothing – the pictures don’t really do it justice – the ratio of crumb to cake was over 50% for sure! Here is what the batter cake batter looked like before there was any crumb. I followed the recipe and used a 9 x 13 in pan.NYCrumbCake (5 of 11).jpg Other bakers were really creative and used muffin or jumbo cupcake pans – what a great idea! I decided to follow the little Baked Note about Renato liking huge crumb chunks and so I placed the crumb topping in the oven to dry out (maybe a little too much despite their warning). Here’s the before and after:


NYCrumbCake (2 of 11).jpg


NYCrumbCake (6 of 11).jpg

It doesn’t look too dry, but I guess since it got cooked again once I put it on top it got pretty crunchy. Next time I probably won’t do this part. Josh had some left overs from his meeting and I actually think it softened up a bit and tasted better 2 days after I made it! Anyway, here I am putting the crumb topping on. There was so much crumb topping!NYCrumbCake (7 of 11).jpg And finally… here is the final baked crumb cake (minus a piece or two). I am definitely going to enjoy baking along with everyone through this book. Check out Club: BAKED to see all the other crumb cakes. Stay tuned for the next installment … Up next is Farm Stand Buttermilk Doughnuts. Since I’ll be in Turkey I made those early too, but I’ll still be posting those on July 15.

NYCrumbCake (10 of 11).jpg

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12 Responses to “NY-Style Crumb Cake [Club:BAKED]”

  1. Looks great! Glad you decided to join and bake along! Look forward to many more bake-togethers.

  2. Your cake looks wonderful! I did the same thing and took it to the office to pawn it off on co-workers.

    Wow, Turkey sounds fabulous! You’ll have to tell us all about it on your next post after you return. Have a great trip!

  3. Thanks Karen! I am so glad I decided to join. Thanks for organizing the club. It is going to be so much fun!

  4. Thanks Gloria! Since it is just my husband and I we are always looking for people to help us eat stuff! We are excited for our Turkey trip and I am sure I’ll have lots to share.

  5. Now that I think about it you’re totally right…this does taste like the old entemann’s coffee cake! Except I think yours looks better with all that lovely topping!

  6. Looks wonderful! Turkey? Sounds like a great vacation spot!

  7. You cake still looks amazing, even if your topping was a little crunchy. I ended up leaving my in a bowl to rest for about an hour which dried it out sufficiently in the dry desert air. Have fun in Turkey!

  8. Dawn – We used to live by an Entenmann’s Factory and it was our go-to pre-made dessert. I loved the Entenmann’s chocolate frosted and crumb donuts oo!

  9. Thanks Nina! We are looking forward to Turkey! It is part conference and part vacation. We are going with a friend who is from there so it should be great!

  10. Thanks so much Jess! I think next I won’t bake it or let it sit out for too long!

  11. Your cake looks beautiful! I made muffins because I was afraid we’d eat too much if I made the cake. Have a fun time in Turkey.

  12. Hope your trip goes well if you aren’t already there enjoying yourself! I love how the cake has that great crumb:cake ratio. I am going to have to make this again in the cake style sometime. Yours looks great!

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